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Medical Education Technology Unit

Main Objectives:-

  • To promote the training of teachers of health profession in education science and technology.
  • To promote development and application of educational process such as educational planning, teaching techniques, evaluation and continuing education.
  • To keep teachers update in their own specialties.

  • Faculty:

    OFFICER IN CHARGE   - Dr.K.Koteshwar Rao, M.D ( Dean & Principal)

    Co – ordinator                Dr.B.Anuradha, M.D
    • Dr M. Vijayasree M.D
    • Dr.S.Pandu Ranga Rao,M.D
    • Dr. C.M.Pavan Kumar Reddy,M.D
    • Dr.B.P..Ravi Kumar,M.D.
    • Miss P.Srilakshmi, M.Sc.
      Non – Teaching Staff
    • Stenographer                         - Kavita
    • Computer operator                 - Santosh .S
    • Audio – Visual Technician     - N.Gopi
    • Photographer                         - K. Lenin

    All the faculty in Medical Education Technology Unit are trained at NATIONAL TEACHERS’ TRAINING CENTRE, JIPMER, Pondicherry.

    Equipment available:-
    LCD Project, OHP Projector, Computer, Xerox, Scanner, Printer, Video Camera, Digital Still Camera & Other Photography equipment.
    • Regularly monitoring teacher evaluation & student evaluation.
    • Teacher self assessment activity .
    • Improving teaching – learning activities by micro teaching and teacher training programmes.
    • Educating Postgraduate students on Pedagogy and on research methodology, scientific publications and biostatistics.
    • Regularly conducting teacher training programmes for the faculty members .
    • Organizing CME programmes.
    • Organizing under graduate, interns and postgraduate orientation programmes.
    • Carrying out educational projects.
    • Regularly deputing faculty members to National and regional training centers.

    Work shops conducted in Medical Education Technology by Medical Education Unit of the College and their details

    1) 3day workshop on teachers training program was conducted for faculty members in September 2009. 36 faculty members were trained.

    2) CME Programme on research methodology and Biostatistics was conducted in April 2009 for Postgraduates and faculty members.
    • 75 members were trained. On that occasion Dr.P.V.Chalam,Prof, of Surgery, Gandhi Medical college, Hyderbad, Dr.David Swaroop, Professor of Physiology Deccan Medical College, Hyderabad, Dr Manoj Patki,Asso.professor of SPM Mamata Medical College were resource persons.

    3) CME Programme was organized on the occasion of platinum jubilee celebrations of MCI in April,2008.
    • On that occation Dr.Vishnu Bhatt, Prof.of Peadiatrics, JIPMER. Dr.David Swaroop, Prof.of Physilogy.Deccan Medical College, Hyderabad & Dr.R.V.Subrahmanyam, Principal, Vishnu,Dental College, Bhimavarm were invited as resource persons. They delivered lectures on the topics - Medical ethics, Teaching Learning Media and Computer assisted learning.

    4) Three days work shop on faculty training programme was conducted in November 2008.
    • 33 faculty members were trained. On that occasion Dr.P.v.Chalam Prof. of Surgery, Gandhi Medical College, Dr.David Swaroop, prof.of Physiology, Deccan Medical College, & Dr.B.Anuradha, Assoc.Prof.of Microbiology were resource persons.

    Orientation programmes conducted in 2010 as formulated by Dr NTRUHS

    April orientation programme for interns
    June orientation programme for Post graduates (2010-11 batch) - phase 1
    July phase – 2 orientation programme on research methodology
    August orientation programme for I MBBS Phase –I
    September Orientation programme for III semester MBBS Students
    October Orientation programme for I MBBS I semester students

      Ongoing Educational projects:
    • Introduction of problem based exercises after a lecture for final year MBBS students in OBG.
    • Improving the learning outcome of slow learners by various teaching/ learning methods.
    • To introduce OSCE/OSPE as a learning and as a evaluation tool.
    • To introduce MCQs as a method of lecture evaluation.
    • To compare the effect of teaching with black board and teaching withA-V aids (OHP & LCD).
    Academic activities during the year 2010

    January CME in General Surgery on thyroid disorders
    February CME in Obstetrics & Gynecology on the topic Day to Day infertility practice - Clinical tips
    March CME in Psychiatry on the topic Psycho diagnostics and Psychotherapy
    April CME in obstetrics and gynecology on the topics
    1) Role of oncology in General practice & advanced radiotherapy techniques.
    2) Carcinoma ovary- staging and surgical management, role of chemotherapy.
    Interns orientation program for 2010 batch Orientation on medical ethics for interns
    June CME in Medical Education on Research Methodology & Scientific Publications, Library database
    July P.G. orientation programme for2010 -2011
    August Orientation Programme for Ist year MBBS Students 2010 - 2011 batch
    September Orientation Programme for II MBBS (3rd Semester) Students CME in OBG
    October CME in Pharmacology on rational use of Medicines Orientation programme for I MBBS ( 1st Semester) students – Phase – 2 held on 23.10.2010)
    December CME in Department of ENT on 12. 12. 2010.
    CME in Microbiology on NANO Technology
    CME in OBG – practical aspects of management of endocrine disorders in pregnancy.

    Actvities in 2011:-

    Dr B. Anuradha, co-ordinator, M E T U, presented a paper in State conference in Medical Education organized by Andhra Medical College, Vizag in January 2011 and awarded second prize for best paper presentation.

    Dr B. Anuradha, asso.professor,Microbiology & Co-ordinator M E T U, was invited as a resource person for teachers’ training programme ,at regional centre, Gandhi Medical College organized by MCI.

    February Orientation programme for IInd MBBS students (3rd Semister Students).
    April Interns orientation programme.(7.4.11 & 8. 4.11).
    Faculty development programme on Pedagogy & OSCE / OSPE (24 .4.11)
    June PG orientation programme.(08.06.11 & 09.06.11)
    July Orientation programme & Hands on training for interns on basic life support system.(25.7.11)
    Orientation on Skill development & Stress management for PG Students .(28. 7 .11)


  • Orientation programme for Ist MBBS students Phase -I on 01.08.2011 & 02.08.2011.
  • Introduction of College & Hospital.
  • Medical Oath.
  • Prevention of Raging & Raging Act.
  • Rules of College, Hospital & Hostels.
  • Communication Skills.
  • Stress Management.
  • Course & Structure of MBBS.
  • Relevance of basic sciences in medicine.

  • Advanced CPR for PG students (18.08.11).
  • Orientation programme & Hands on training on basic life system. (30.08.11).

  • September
  • CME in Research & Methodology & Biostatistics. (06.09.11).
  • Orientation programme for 3rd semester MBBS students. (16.09.2011).
  • Introduction to clinical methods.
  • Case sheet writing Etiquettee & Bedside Manners.
  • Introduction of Medical Ethics.
  • Introduction of Rational Medicine.
  • Communication Skills.

  • October
  • Level I teachers’ training (in collaboration with MCI ) (30.09.11, 01.10.11, 02.10.11.)
  • Orientation programme (Phase II) for 1st MBBS Students.
  • Study & Examination Skills.
  • Recent trends in Medical Technology.
  • Scope of Medicine & Future Avenues.
  • Presentation Skills & Etiquettee.
  • Computers in Medical Education.
  • National Health Problems.
  • Communication Skills.
  • Groups Dynamics.
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